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As a hi-tech guy, I'm really into electronics and computers for business. But I've been involved with boats and boating for many years as a hobby.

While doing business in Switzerland, I was invited to join some executives on a round donut-type boat on a lake, surrounded by wonderful views of the Swiss mountains.

We set off. The boat had a round picnic table with a grill in the center. We all ate, drank and had a great time! It was an amazing, unforgettable experience...

Antonella Canzian and I fell in love with this concept so much so that we moved to Cape Coral Florida from Switzerland, bringing with us this most unique, safe BBQ Donut Boat to Florida.

The BBQ Donut Boat concept has become so popular that we are now offering Licensee opportunities in different areas.
If you'd like more information about becoming a Licensee and having your own BBQ Party Boat to rent,
please click here.

We're opening up new locations as fast as we are able.

Meantime, I urge you and your family, friends and colleagues to try the BBQ Party Boat experience.
There's nothing else like it.

We promise you'll love the experience, just like we did.

Marcel Stadtmann
President and Founder

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